Cuisine and menu'

What’s boiling in the pot today?

Take a look at Maria and Elisa’s kitchen. They are both the cooks and mothers in the Grego household: they are very intent on preparing everything by hand.

Fresh ingredients are mixed with grandmothers’ secrets. And here we have them, pasta and sauces, gnocchi, all made by hand, Saôr (Onion dish) to accompany freshly fried sardines, mouth-watering minestrone, deliciously scented roast, an impressive Sorana chop on the grill… And if you get an unusual, decisive smell, it’s... majestic Baccalà (a cod speciality), worth trying straight from the oven!

Note the wide choice of meat, fish and vegetable dishes, cooked only on the grill or on the pan to emphasise the taste of traditional and innovative dishes.
And if you have foreign guests with you, our menu is available in English, French and German!