Baby menu / Allergies

Food allergies and intolerances

We pay special attention to baby food and to Guests with allergies or intolerances: the kitchen is ready for any need with specific proposals.
We know from experience how difficult it is to "guess" the tastes of all: we will find, for example, only those who love meat and those who like fish, celiac, allergic or intolerant to a particular ingredient, somebody that doesn't want the risotto, somebody else is in diet and so on ... !!!
No problem: our cuisine is ready to prepare valid and tasty alternatives (paying particular attention to food contamination in the case of food allergies).

And what about the kids?

Children are particularly welcome at Locanda Grego !!!
Every mom can suggest us her child 's favorite dishes. For example, some ham for appetizer, gnocchi and pasta of small size with meat sauce or with vegetables, tomato, butter, oil ... a vegetable soup, broth&pasta, a veal escalope, a grilled steak, a slice of roast, potato chips and so on !!!
Ending with a delicious ice cream or non-alcoholic sorbet, an apple pie, etc ...

Dear Mum and Dad, we know how difficult it is to keep your babies sitting at the table! in order to make your family enjoy this moments we will provide them colour pencils and paper to draw beautiful cartoons and pictures!