Famiglia e impresa strette in un abbraccio indissolubile

The History

"The history of the Locanda Grego in itself offers hints of the most typical Italian and Veneto traditions, in particular: family and enterprise bound together in an unbreakable bond, the boundaries of private and public life in dark shaded photos, testimonies of times past and the present, the desire to be reborn and overcome an often adverse destiny.

And this was Caterina’s destiny, a young widow with small children who in the early Thirties managed an inn to survive...The destiny of her daughters Noemi and Ivona, beautiful young girls who gave her a hand... Eugenio Grego’s destiny, having left an ancient family restaurant business, which was too crowded and narrow-minded, to follow his dreams. This young man met Noemi, and the two began a new adventure.

Eugenio was a dynamic entrepreneur who each day came up with new initiatives: as well as the inn and the butcher shop, he launched a trout and game farm, a bowls court, the first dancehall in the area and public weigh house... he would run from house to house preparing wedding banquets (the catering of times past!) with the women of the house firmly in command in the kitchen, open all hours like a good country inn should be...